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 When choosing the top cleaning service in Hatfield Wisconsin, serene clean, you need to realize how important customer service and our core values are to us! Everything we do, is with the client’s needs in mind. Below we discuss how we came up with those core values and all of the different pass we perform for our clients and Hatfield.

When the top cleaning service in Hatfield Wisconsin was coming up with its core values. Family kept coming top of mind. Serene clean  Focuses on what task will make the biggest impact on the lives of our clients families. We also are always looking for ways to make our cleaners family life better by giving them great work life balance. When someone needs off because I kid is sick or for some other reason we are happy to accommodate these changes because we know that the best cleaners are moms themselves! We always our understanding when things come up, but we also know how important it is to never cancel on a client as much as possible. So the benefit of hiring a company versus an individual cleaner is that when somebody is sick which happens a lot these days, you always have a backup cleaner that you can send with all of the notes on that clients particular house so that the client gets the same service, regardless of which cleaner goes to the house. Our 2nd core value is integrity. A lot of times people don’t know what the word integrity means we define integrity as doing the right thing even when nobody is watching. What this means is always doing the right thing, not the easy thing. For example if we inevitably break something which happens once in a while, are protocol is to immediately take a picture of it send it to the office staff and communicate with the client so that they know what happened how it happened and what we are going to do to fix it. This may involve replacing or buying a new item or just letting the customer know so that they understand how honest we are and that we would never hide anything from them because again we do the right thing about that easy thing. It is hard sometimes to admit when you’ve made a mistake and even though our cleaners are incredibly skilled mistakes do happen! We are touching hundreds of items A-day and this means that once in a while something happens that is not good. We have certain cleaners who are clumsier than other cleaners but we still love them and we accept them into our family of cleaners we just try not to send them the houses with a lot of breakable stuff because that’s one things go wrong. However the most important reason we hire somebody is because they have a great attitude and this is our final core value always having a grateful and positive attitude even when you are having a badd day. The reason having a good attitude is so important to us is because nobody wants a negative Nancy cleaning their home. If a cleaner shows up to your house and the 1st thing they do is open their mouth and complain about everything that’s going wrong in their lives, you were gonna be very uninterested in having them back in your house. Even if they do a great job, that badd attitude is going to stick out in your mind like a sore thumb, and you will remember that more so than any level of detail that they had. So when we are hiring people we always make sure that they have a positive attitude, how we do this is we call all of their references that they give us and former employers because those will tell us the honest truth if the person has a good or bad attitude as well as if they showed up or not often where were they calling it a lot because we never want cleaners in your home were inconsistent or have a bad attitude.

 When the top cleaning service in Hatfield Wisconsin was deciding what task to complete in your home, we were looking at other cleaning companies. We notice that a lot of people did not use checkless they just cleaned whatever they felt like. This is not a good practice because this is not a scalable practice. The reason we want it to be scalable is because then if a different cleaner goes into the house you know exactly what is going to get done even if it is a different cleaner. Also when you get a checklist of all tasks this is a level of responsibility and a way to check what the cleaner has been doing sat that when they sign off and say that they have been doing something you can verify that it has been done. And this is also great for disciplinary action if needed because we can ask them why did they check that off on the list if they didn’t do it. It’s great for holding people accountable as well as so you can show all your neighbors and friends what passed that we do for you. They will be quite envious of all the thorough cleaning that we can do for you and they will also want to get cleanings from us serene clean the top cleaning service in hatfield Wisconsin.

 If you are ready to book with the top cleaning service in Hatfield Wisconsin, all you need to do Is go to our website www that serene – clean. com, or call us at 7152044270, and we will be happy to give you a free estimate for cleaning your home. We are very very responsive and the office staff at serene clean is just as professional if not more so then the cleaner is themselves.Our  office staff are very skilled at things like typing and scheduling which means you know that all details will be accurate at your appointment when we communicate what needs to be done to the cleaners. We can’t wait to clean for you and we look forward to taking care of all of those tasks so that you can relax in your clean home.

About Our Founder

Serene Clean was created with one primary goal: to relieve the stress of our clients. Our founder, Stephanie Pipkin, understands the struggles our clients face with their homes because she has the same difficulties in her own home. The frantic cleaning before the in-laws are “just stopping by” in 10 minutes is a very familiar crisis to her, and she realized many others must go through this as well. Serene Clean was born and has quickly become the highest-rated and most reviewed cleaning service in Western Wisconsin.

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