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Serene Clean Mindoro

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 Looking for the top cleaning service in  Mindoro Wisconsin? Look no further! Serene clean is the highest rated and most reviewed cleaning service in Western Wisconsin, and we can’t wait to show you the level of clean your home can acquire when you hire us.

 Something that we pride ourselves  On at serene clean is our high level of professionalism and accountability. What this looks like is we always show up on time, dressed professionally, and with a smile on our faces. We greet you by your name and ask you questions about the care of your home so that we know that you will be very pleased with the cleaning you receive from the top cleaning service in mindoro Wisconsin. After thoroughly cleaning your home we will leave behind a checklist of tasks that you can read before hiring us at our website on the residential cleaning services page, which goes over all of the things we have done in your home while we have been visiting. When it comes to if your family is there a not, it does not matter to us at all! We are used to working with and around little ones and pets because we know how busy your life is and how difficult it sometimes is to get everybody out of the house at the right time period many of our clients have 4 or 5 Kids which means lots of Panama monygham while we are cleaning but we are used to it and we love seeing your kids and pets! We even will have them help us if they want which a lot of little kids love because it means they can get involved with the cleaner. We always hire very family friendly cleaners and no profanity will be use in your home while you’re there. Your family can trust us around your children which cannot be said around just anyone that you find online. As hard as that is to say, we want you to be aware that not everyone you find on the Internet is trustworthy in your home but we at serene clean always are.

 The top cleaning service in mindoro Wisconsin takes your individual concerns very seriously and into account to accommodate your needs in your home. Everyone’s home is different but everybody’s home has the same base needs of dusting cleaning the kitchen cleaning the bathrooms, and getting those for sparkling clean! A lot of clients talk about how the floors bother them very much especially when they have pets. At serene clean, we love seeing our clients pets and giving them some good scratches in between scrubbing toilets. Pets often shed all over the floors which is why it we take a lot of care in homes with pets to get the floors really really clean, because we know that that bothers the clients the most. Another area that is really oftentimes neglected is dusting. Our clients tell us how much they hate dusting, which is why we do a very thorough job of dusting in everyone’s home because we know that no one else is going to do it.

 Another thing that sets serene clean apart as the top cleaning service in mindoro Wisconsin is are appropriate use of technology. We use many different tools to make it easier for you to communicate with us and interact with us online as well as pay your bills and 4 cleaner’s to know what they are supposed to be doing. Are customer management software which we have apps on our phone for, helps us keep organized when we have so many clients like we do now. This organizes all of the appointments and sends the information to the cleaners phones so that they know every single note that each Clint client has. The app that is on their phone forces them to clock and with GPS tracking. This means that we always know where our cleaners are which holds them accountable. However we always hire trustworthy cleaners so this is never an issue but it is a backup so that we know for sure that our cleaners are right where they’re supposed to be in your homes. Another thing we do with technology is our billing system. Customers love the flexibility of either bit paying by invoice with their credit card, sending a track, or getting their card charged automatically. Depending on what makes sense for you and your ability to keep track of bills we can do whatever works the best for you. Serene clean tries to be flexible because we know how busy you are and how difficult it is sometimes to keep up with the finances of services. Another thing we do is we electronical I send over our client guidelines as soon as you book with us, which means you can read through all of the procedures and guidelines as to what it means to work with us. These claim guidelines go over everything from what we do in the case of a lockout, in the case of a sick client or employer, what we do if the house is much dirtier then was described, or if there’s something in the house that we do not feel comfortable or are not able to clean for you. A lot of times, we do not seem houses before we go and clean them we just get information from the client. This means we are sometimes surprised by what we find when we arrive at houses. So by reading through these clank I’d lines you can see exactly what is expected of you how you supposed to prepare for us to come clean your home and what we do in different situations. We like to be prepared and want you to be prepared as well so that when you hire the top cleaning service in mindoro Wisconsin, serene clean, you know exactly what you’re getting in are going to be dazzled every single time.

 Visit our website serene – or call us at 7152044270 to get a free estimate for cleaning your home today.


About Our Founder

Serene Clean was created with one primary goal: to relieve the stress of our clients. Our founder, Stephanie Pipkin, understands the struggles our clients face with their homes because she has the same difficulties in her own home. The frantic cleaning before the in-laws are “just stopping by” in 10 minutes is a very familiar crisis to her, and she realized many others must go through this as well. Serene Clean was born and has quickly become the highest-rated and most reviewed cleaning service in Western Wisconsin.

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