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Serene Clean Westby, WI

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Serene clean is now serving your area! As the best cleaning service in Westby, Wisconsin, Serene Clean is so excited to be able to serve you, your family, and your home. We are the number one rated and most highly reviewed cleaning company in western Wisconsin. And now we have the joy and the privilege to serve you as the best cleaning company in Westby, Wisconsin. As Westby continues to grow, we know the need for a cleaning company that serves you and your family is growing as well. At Serene Clean we know that many families have both parents working outside the home. This makes it difficult to keep up or maintain the level of clean you desire. When both parents are working, we know you have to come home and do kids homework, and then you have to make dinner, and then you have to walk the dog, and the list goes on and on. If you hire Serene Clean you will know that you have the benefit of having a clean home and relaxing space that you desire.

We know it’s difficult to come home after a long day of work and spend time picking up, doing dishes, laundry, and then doing the other cleaning on top of it. We know kids make messes, pets make messes, spouses make messes, and guests make messes. Let us get your home ready to relax in or to have guests this season. You will be ready at any time for any drop-ins or just to have a weekend to relax. Serene clean started in April of 2019. Our owner Stephanie saw a need in the community of Black River Falls for families just like you that didn’t have time to do the cleaning in their homes. It’s not because they didn’t want to, it’s simply because both parents are working and their lives are busy. Stephanie started the business out of her home and cleaners would come and pick up their supplies on her back porch. Now almost two years later we serve several cities and communities and families just like yours. We truly love helping all people experience a refreshed, relaxing space.

We are here to help you reclaim your calm and your home. Who doesn’t need more relaxation time? With everything going on in the world we know that you need time to relax and free up more headspace to think. We can provide you with one less stress if you contact Serene Clean today to outsource the cleaning of your home. As the best cleaning service in Westby, Wisconsin Serene Clean finds so much joy in our client’s reactions to their homes after we have visited. We know we can give you that same joy if you hire us today! At Serene Clean we are so excited to move into your area! As the best cleaning service in Westby, Wisconsin, we know that there are not a lot of options available when it comes to hiring a cleaning person or service. It’s difficult to trust somebody to come into your home. We get it! Some of the cleaners that you find on Craigslist or Facebook can seem sketchy. That’s why we find and you will find such great value in hiring a cleaning company that is licensed, bonded, and insured and thoroughly screens and trains our cleaners before they come into your home.

We only hire people with a grateful and positive attitude. We perform background checks and do several hours of training prior to having a cleaner come to your home by themselves. We also perform quality checks to ensure you’re getting the consistent clean every time. You can be put at least to know that you’re home, your possessions, and all your other assets are protected. Our cleaners are also protected in the off chance they were to get hurt in your home. We follow a standardized checklist to ensure you know it was done in your home and to make sure our cleaners don’t miss anything. This is consistency that you won’t find with an individual cleaner. At Serene Clean we understand that for some it is physically difficult to clean your home. We are here to serve you and your needs. We can get your home sparkling on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or seasonal basis. You are never locked into a contract with us and we are very flexible with our scheduling. We can even hop over and clean before the in-laws come over. We are always willing to work around you, your family, and your pets. One of the most common questions we get is if the homeowner can be home while we are cleaning. We truly enjoy our interactions with you and know that it is totally fine if you, your pets, or your kids are home while we are cleaning. Most of our clients prefer this especially when we come to clean the first time. It is important for us to build a rapport with you and we know that you will enjoy the company of our cleaners.

At the best cleaning service in Westby, Wisconsin, Serene Clean wants to give you the sparkling, relaxing home this holiday season. At Serene Clean we know your time is money. We are here to serve you and your community today! Call us at 715-204-4270 or visit us on our website at We offer free online quotes or you can get pricing directly over the phone. Please feel free to message us with any questions on Facebook or text our business line. As the best cleaning service in Westby, Wisconsin Serene Clean is offering a special to our residential customers. If you book with us today and book your second appointment within the next month you will get half off the second appointment. Please visit our website to read through our customer testimonials, view before and after pictures, or learn more about us. We have over 80 Google reviews from satisfied families and clients just like you. Make the choice today to get your time back! Call Serene Clean at 715-204-4270.

About Our Founder

Serene Clean was created with one primary goal: to relieve the stress of our clients. Our founder, Stephanie Pipkin, understands the struggles our clients face with their homes because she has the same difficulties in her own home. The frantic cleaning before the in-laws are “just stopping by” in 10 minutes is a very familiar crisis to her, and she realized many others must go through this as well. Serene Clean was born and has quickly become the highest-rated and most reviewed cleaning service in Western Wisconsin.

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