If you’re looking for the top cleaning service in West Salem WI, look no further than serene clean. We are trustworthy reliable dependable honest and work hard to get the job done everything in time. We know how hard it is to keep up with the work life, kids, hobbies, spouses, pets, and to keep your house clean on top of all that. We are here to help you take some of your time back so that you have more time to do spending doing the things that you love. With certain clean your satisfaction is always guaranteed. If for any reason you are unhappy with your clean, we will come back and fix it free of charge as soon as possible. Our cleaners will be a joy to have in your home. If you prefer not to be home when your cleaner arrives, that is completely fine. Just make sure that they have a way to access the inside of your home. Many clients leave a key under a mat, key code for an electronic door lock, or simply just leave a door unlocked. If you would like a cleaner to lock up your home upon leaving, let us know and we will certainly do that.

That’s her including your bonded and insured to protect your home and belongings. Our cleaners are professionally trained and very cautious and careful when cleaning homes, but should an accident happen, you will be fully reimbursed for any damage, or any damage items will be replaced. It’s a real clean we charge by the hour with a two-hour minimum. If you would like a quote, please call our office. The quote is dependent mostly on the square footage and cleanliness state of the home. If our quote doesn’t work for you let us know the budget that you were working within, and we will custom create a cleaning to fit your needs and budget. Call today and get your free quote with the top cleaning service in West Salem WI.

We like to have the same cleaners come out and perform regular cleanings so that they are familiar with your home. But if you do have different cleaners coming each time, rest assured that you will get the same wonderful clean. This is due to our standardize checklist. I have a checklist that has the categories for each room was staying tasks that must be done in each room. You would be amazed by the level of detail that we have. We have this checklist so that you get the same level of clean every time and you know exactly what was done during your appointment. We will leave these checklists behind after your appointment. Cleaners will be a joy to have in your home. If you are home during your appointment, feel free to go on with your normal life. Our cleaners are very used to working around the children and pets a normal everyday family life. Also, if you are home you can give your cleaner more specific instructions and the communication might be easier than if you were away. But if you are away our cleaners will have your phone number should anything arise where they would need to contact you for questions or concerns regarding your cleaning. Our regard for our clients is part of what makes us the top cleaning service in West Salem WI.

You don’t have to take our word for it though, or if you are unsatisfied with your cleaning then anyway, we will make it right with you and send a cleaner to fix any problem areas free of charge. We take our business clients and employees extremely seriously and want to do everyone we can to make everybody happy all of the time. We have two offices, one in Black River Falls and one in Sparta Wisconsin. The one in Black River Falls, the original office, was started in 2019. And since then, we have grown exponentially throughout the area. We only use safe cleaners cleaning products in your home. Bring anything heavy with chemicals into your home that would damage any of your items for Home. This is Sparta office right now has yellow walls and green walls and needs a lot of work but in the short amount of time it will be just as charming as our black river falls office. I’m listening to classical music on Pandora and it is very soothing. Bang energy drinks are wonderful. Book a cleaning today with the top cleaning service in West Salem WI.

Have you ever commercial account that you need cleaned, We also have several commercial accounts throughout the area that we clean regularly. We take the security of our clients properties very proper very seriously. All of our commercial account building keys are labeled by number, not the business name in case something in my case a keyword to be lost the finder of the key wouldn’t know what it was used for. We also have customers checklist that we make for our commercial accounts to make sure that those are done properly every time as well no matter which cleaner is assigned to the property that day. Keeping our employees safe and happy is also a priority of our company that we have. If good employees aren’t there nothing else matters. The floors at the Sparta office are an awful shade of red and desperately need to be resurfaced and cleaned. One of these days I’ll get to it.  Book your appointment today with the top cleaning service in West Salem WI.

We have competitive pay rates for our employees and several opportunities for bonuses and tips. One of the other things that we do to make sure all of our employees stay on the same page as weekly meetings every Monday to communicate news recognize employees who have been doing outstanding work and just overall touching base with all the Employees. Call city and find out why we are the top cleaning service in West Salem WI.