Are you ready to hire a cleaning company to take care of the cleaning for you? Are you ready to get your time back with your loved ones? How about time to relax in your own home? Serene Clean is here to help. As the best house cleaners in Bangor Wisconsin, Serene Clean can help you get any precious time you have at home back with our professional house cleaning service. We can complete residential cleaning, commercial claiming, move in or move out cleanings and we also serve many apartments and Air BnBs. Serene clean is so excited to be serving the Bangor area and we know you will love your clean refreshed space. We get such satisfaction from cleaning and making a difference in your home, that you will notice right away by the excellence our cleaners strive for. We aim for perfection and move with purpose. We want to give you a clean home experience that will go above and beyond.

At Serene Clean we bring all our own tools and supplies unless you have particular products you would like used on your surfaces. We are very accommodating to products but we do prefer what we keep in our kit. As the best house cleaners in Bangor Wisconsin we use products that are more natural and less harsh. An example of this includes our all-purpose spray. It is simply made of water, Dawn dish soap and essential oils. We use only vinegar and water for our glass cleaner. We really strive to reduce our “footprint” by using less chemically based products and using more elbow grease, tools and strategy to give you the sparkling clean home you will come to love with Serene Clean. Look at our gallery on our website at to see what you can expect from the professionals at Serene Clean. We strive to make your bathrooms and kitchens look like new. We know how heavily hit these areas of the home can be and we also know that they can be the most stress inducing when they are not clean. At Serene Clean we will get those appliances looking like new without harsh chemicals and shine up your commode without the need for toilet bowl cleaner.

At Serene Clean we know you will be so excited to have your spaces cleaned by our team of professionals. We offer the best service in the time frame you have specified or faster if possible. Sometimes our cleaner may take longer to clean your home, but that will always be communicated prior to them staying longer. As the best house cleaners in Bangor Wisconsin, Serene Clean wants to work with you and your budget. We understand that times are tough and that you may not be able to have the whole house cleaned at one time. We are willing to work on the areas you specify and we can come back on a weekly, biweekly, or on a monthly basis until your home is to the standard of clean you prefer. We can also help you tame areas in your home that need organization or even help tame the laundry beast. These additional services may add more time to your appointment, so it is important to communicate with us as quickly as possible when you want these extra items accomplished in your home. We have cleaners that love to organize and clean so call us today at 715-204-4270 to book an appointment.

Serene Clean strives for excellence always. Please be honest with us and your cleaners about the condition of your home. We want to make sure we allot the proper amount of time to give you the clean you expect and deserve. As the best house cleaners in Bangor Wisconsin we have seen it all. There are very little messes that surprise us when we clean homes, so never feel embarrassed or ashamed about the state of your kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, basement, or other living areas. We can work around clutter, or help you organize it into a space that is more functional for you. We will never throw anything away unless you previously authorize it, but we can help you make the best use of your spaces.

We love seeing and hearing the difference we make in people’s lives. At Serene Clean, we believe that a clean home can help everyone, even our pets, feel more relaxed and happy. As the best house cleaners in Bangor Wisconsin that is what we want for you. We want you to feel relaxed and enjoy the peaceful sanctuary of your home rather than feel frazzled when you get home after a long day of work. We know how quickly kid and pet messes can pile up and we want you to enjoy that fresh house feeling, if only for a moment. It truly is a breath of fresh air to know that there is nothing in your house that needs to be cleaned right now! We know you will agree when you book your first appointment with us at Serene Clean. Call us today at 715-204-4270 or fill out a quote request at Please also read our over 90 five star Google reviews and see what our current clients have said about our services. We know it will resonate with you and your life as well.

As the best house cleaners in Bangor Wisconsin, Serene Clean has a residential special offer that we know you will enjoy. If you book your first cleaning with us and then book your second cleaning with us within the next month, and you will receive 50% off your second cleaning. What a deal! We know that our second cleaning will wow you just as much as the first and you will get half off! Such a deal! Call us today at 715-204-4270 or visit us at to get a quote for your space today. Let us help you reclaim your calm! Book your cleaning needs with Serene Clean today and enjoy getting your time back!