One of the perks of choosing Serene Clean for your cleaning needs is that our cleaners bring aloof their cleaning supplies to you. You don’t need to worry about supplying anything to your cleaners, with the exception of a toilet brush. However, most homes have one of those in a pretty easy to find place as it is. A lot of our clients have concerns that our cleaners might be bringing some harsh chemicals into their home, such as bleach. We do not use any cleaners that contain harsh chemicals, but we will use your cleaners if your prefer. Just let your cleaner know before hand that you prefer we use some of your cleaning supplies. We use a water and dawn dish soap combination as our multipurpose cleaner inside of a spray bottle. This is a very gentle combination that also cuts through any grease or buildup effectively. If you have a different multipurpose cleaner that we prefer we use, let us know during your scheduling phone call or email and we will be sure to use your preferred cleaning product. This careful consideration to our clients wants and needs are part of what makes the top rated house cleaners in Black River Falls WI.

A common question we have been asked in the past year or so is whether or not our residential cleaners wear masks to their home cleaning appointments. The answer to that is typically no, unless you prefer that they do. It is really up to you and whatever you happen to be most comfortable with. Just let us know during your scheduling phone call or email if you prefer that your cleaner wear a mask to your cleaning appointment. We want all of our clients to be comfortable and satisfied with all of our services, on every level. Customer satisfaction is a priority at Serene Clean. That is why if for any reason you are dissatisfied with our cleaning services, we will return as soon as possible to correct any issues that were left un-cleaned, free of charge. With Serene Clean you know that your satisfaction is guaranteed. You really can not go wrong with Serene Clean, the top rated house cleaners in Black River Falls WI.

We are bonded and insured to protect all of your belongings. You can rest easy knowing that your home and belongings are in our cleaners hands. All of our cleaners are carefully screened and background checked so that we can ensure that only the most trustworthy and reliable cleaners are allowed into our clients homes. Many of our clients asked how they are charged. When you call for an estimate, we provide you with a price window that is based on the square footage of your home, number of bathrooms and our hourly rate. The price estimate is just that, an estimate. Sometimes when our cleaners start cleaning a home they find that the time allotted for your cleaning appointment is far greater than the time they will need to complete the cleaning. In cases like this, you will only be charged for the amount of time that was spent actually cleaning, not the greater estimated cost. We have GPS enabled on our house cleaners cell phones, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you are only paying for the time that your cleaners spend at your home. Integrity is a main core value at Serene Clean, and we only hire cleaners that share our core values as well. Serene Clean is a trusted and very highly spoken of and reviewed local business. Feel good about supporting a local, woman owned business and book a house cleaning with the top rated house cleaners in Black River Falls WI.

We use a dawn dish soap and water solution to mop and wash floors with. Many of our cleaners like to add a few drops of their favorite essential oil into their mop water to get the whole home that fresh and clean smell that everyone loves so much. If you prefer we use a different type of floor cleaner that you have in your supply, we will gladly use your floor cleaner of preference. For example, we have a client who prefers that we use only pinesol to mop her floors and as her multisurface cleaner because she loves the smell of pinesol. We love catering to our clients wishes. This is just part of what makes us the top rated house cleaners in Black River Falls WI.

We typically use our own vacuum cleaners. We use wonderful Shark vacuums that do a fantastic job and our current clients and our residential cleaners can definitely testify to that. Some of our clients prefer that we use their vacuum to prevent any dust or air contamination. This is totally understandable, especially in times of a historical pandemic. In those cases we will gladly use your vacuum. We love catering to our clients wishes, no request is ridiculous! We leave a standardized checklist at every appointment so that you can see exactly what was accomplished during your cleaning. For a standard house clean, every box will be checked off so that you can be sure you get the same great clean no matter which cleaner is assigned to your appointment. Book an appointment today and find out why we are the top rated house cleaners in Black River Falls WI.

At Serene Clean, we are all judgement free. It might be a hard first step for many home owners to make that first call. We get how it could feel embarrassing to let strangers see and clean your messy house! We get it. Many of us at Serene Clean are mothers, and we are no stranger to messy houses! In fact, many of us at Serene Clean get our houses clean as well. We take turns cleaning each others homes! It’s normal to need help sometimes, and no matter how messy you think your house is, we can almost be certain that we have encountered worse! After all, we are in the business of taking care of messy houses. Take back your time and have the top rated house cleaners in Black River Falls WI take care of the dirty work!